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Personal Injury

Chiropractic Care for Personal Injury

Personal injury can be incredibly painful and debilitating. Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers are able to assess and treat your personal injury to help restore you to optimal wellness and a better quality of life. To meet the needs of the people in our community, we provide our services from three offices in the greater Denver area: Westminster, Lakewood, and Aurora.

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woman suffering from a personal injury

Common Personal Injury Complaints

Personal injury is a universal term that includes a number of diverse injuries and causes for those injuries. These include – but are not limited to – soft tissue injuries like whiplash, sprains, herniated disc, strains, and spinal stenosis as well as, injuries to the nerves, joints, and vertebrae of the spinal column.

It is essential that prompt treatment is received for any injury. Not only will this help restore mobility and range of motion, relieve pain and inflammation, and restore quality of life, it will also help to keep the injury from becoming a permanent problem. In addition, it is important that the body be properly functioning for it to be able to heal itself as it is designed to do.

Moreover, in the event that there is a third party responsible for an injury receiving prompt care will help to establish a record of the injury.

Chiropractic Help for Personal Injury

After a careful assessment of your history and condition, the chiropractor and staff at Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers will develop an integrated treatment regimen that takes advantage of a number of tools at our disposal. At our offices, we use a number of different avenues to help our patients find relief from pain and stiffness. Among the techniques that our chiropractor may use are massage therapy, rehabilitative exercises, and stretching techniques, spinal decompression, manual manipulation, and acupuncture among others.

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