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Lower Back Pain

How Chiropractic Care Can Eliminate Lower Back Pain

Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers are located in Westminster, Lakewood, Aurora, and Centennial, Colorado. They offer expert chiropractic care that can help reduce or even eliminate lower back pain. There are a variety of ways that a chiropractor can help relieve back pain, as well as different types of pain associated with personal injury and car accidents.


How Chiropractic Care Can Help

There are several health benefits of receiving chiropractic care. These include a reduction in pain and inflammation from a variety of health conditions, including back pain. You may also experience improved range of motion and an increase in flexibility. Everything from reducing the debilitating effects of arthritis to increasing the healing process after an accident can be improved with chiropractic care.

Types of Treatment

There are several different types of treatment a chiropractor may use to reduce lower back pain. The type of chiropractic treatment that most people are familiar with includes spinal manipulation. This is also called spinal adjustment. This method is considered safe and non-invasive. There are several other types of treatments that a chiropractor may use. 

  • Massage - Therapeutic massage can ease lower back pain by loosening knotted muscles or by using what is called Active Release Technique (ART). ART breaks down scar tissue that has accumulated over soft tissue.
  • Myofascial Release - Myofascial tissue are membranes that cover muscle. A chiropractor can make different adjustments in these areas to relieve pain.
  • Spinal Mobilization - Gentle stretches and slow, easy movements are used. This technique is often used to increase range of motion.

Tools Used in Treating Lower Back Pain

There are several types of items a chiropractor may use when providing treatments for lower back pain.

  • Roller Tables - While individuals lay on their back, rollers will move over the spine.
  • Traction Tables - Traction includes realigning different parts of the body. This can be done on tables that are similar to massage tables but are often automated. This type of table is also used to create more space throughout the spinal column. 
  • Heat Lamps - These are infrared lamps that are used to warm areas of the body and loosen joints and muscles. 

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Whether you're in Westminster, Lakewood, Aurora, or the surrounding areas, Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers can provide you with experienced chiropractic care. A chiropractor can help reduce lower back pain caused by arthritis, an accident, or almost any type of chronic health condition. Contact us at Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers for more information.