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Knee Pain After Auto Accident

Discover Relief from Knee Pain After an Auto Accident 

Car accidents happen every day around our country, and even minor crashes can result in an injury. One type of auto accident injury that's more common than you might think is knee pain. At Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers in Aurora, Westminster, Lakewood, and Centennial, CO, our chiropractors can offer you or your loved one a variety of non-invasive and drug-free services that will restore your knee health and get you back on your feet after your auto accident.


Why The Knee Hurts After an Auto Accident

Knee pain following an auto accident can occur due to several reasons. Blunt force trauma to the knee joint, for instance, impact against the dashboard, can lead to swelling, pain, tendon or ligament rupture, or even a bone fracture, such as a broken knee cap. Unusual twisting of the knee is also a common cause of knee instability and pain following an accident.

In some cases, a person may experience knee pain due to referred pain from the spine. If a nerve in your lower back becomes pinched or compressed by a vertebral misalignment or a bulging or herniated disc,  you may feel pain or altered sensations in the knee and lower leg, even if there is no direct tissue damage in that area. 

How Our Team of Chiropractors Address Knee Pain After An Auto Accident

Our professional team of chiropractors, Dr. Higgins, Dr. Loseiwicz, and Dr. Endriss, urge anyone who's been in a car accident to come by for a consultation. During this consultation, we will find out the root of your knee pain and create a treatment plan to help address the underlying problem so that you can regain function and comfort in the knee as soon as possible, without having to rely solely on medications or invasive solutions.

We utilize a variety of holistic treatments, such as inferential therapy, chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitative exercises, massage, and postural re-education, to help decrease pain and inflammation, accelerate tissue healing, and improve joint mechanics.

Need Knee Pain Treatment After an Auto Accident?

Whether your auto accident was days ago, weeks ago, or months ago, you can still experience natural healing from your painful knee and avoid chronic issues down the road that may crop up due to an unaddressed injury. Contact Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers today to schedule your appointment in one of our four Denver area locations (Aurora, Westminster, Centennial, and Lakewood, CO).