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Herniated Disc After Auto Accident

Treatment for Herniated Disc after an Auto Accident

Even minor car crashes can lead to injury, and symptoms may not always show up right away. That's why our Denver chiropractic team encourages people to come in for a thorough assessment after any type of auto accident. Our chiropractors of Westminster, Aurora, Lakewood, and Centennial, CO, detect and treat a variety of auto accident injuries, including herniated disks.


How a Herniated Disk Can Occur in an Auto Accident

An auto accident can introduce a lot of twisting, acceleration, and deceleration forces to your spine. This can put abnormal strain and pressure on spinal disks, cushion-like structures found between spinal bones. When exposed to this kind of pressure, the outer layer of a disk can rupture, allowing the disk's inner gel core to leak out into the surrounding area. This can cause inflammation and painful irritation to adjacent joints and nerves. Herniated disks are most likely to happen in the neck or lower back.

A bulging disk is similar and can also happen in an auto accident. In this case, the disk protrudes out of place, but doesn't rupture and leak.

You may be more at risk of developing a herniated disk after an auto accident if you have other risk factors for disk problems, like advanced age, sedentary lifestyle, or frequent bending, twisting, and heavy lifting of the spine. Even smoking has been shown to increase the risk of disk herniation!

Herniated Disk Symptoms and Signs

After an auto accident, watch for herniated disc symptoms such as:

  • Pain and muscle spasms at the level of the disc herniation
  • Numbness, tingling, or shooting pain in an arm or leg
  • Weakness in an arm or leg (you may notice decreased grip strength, increased tripping or clumsiness, or foot drop)
  • Stiffness in the neck or back

Herniated Disk Treatment from Our Denver Chiropractic Staff

A herniated disk can be very bothersome, and even debilitating in some cases. Our Denver chiropractic team offers holistic solutions to alleviate discomfort and heal injured disks without surgery or drugs. Herniated disk treatment options may include:

  • Non-surgical spinal decompression to "retract" the disk back into normal position, attract healing nutrients to the damaged tissue, and reduce pressure on surrounding nerves
  • Chiropractic adjustments to trigger natural pain relief via the nervous system and improve spinal alignment
  • Exercises to facilitate tissue healing and maximize core strength and stability
  • Massage therapy to reduce inflammation and swelling and alleviate muscle spasms

Are You Showing Signs of a Herniated Disk after an Auto Accident?

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