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Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment From Your Westminster, Lakewood, and Aurora Chiropractor

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The scariest moment of your life just happened. You were in a serious auto accident. Luckily, you survived, but your car is totaled. Right now, you’re counting your blessings that you’re still in one piece. You might not feel any injury pain yet, so you decide to go home after the accident. This isn’t the right move, though. You should always see a doctor after a serious crash because you never know if you suffered whiplash or other neck or back damage.

Why You Don’t Feel Pain After a Car Crash

In the hours after the crash, you’re not going to feel any pain, even if you do have a serious injury. This is because of the adrenaline in your body, which is running on overdrive due to the accident. The adrenaline prevents your injuries from being more apparent. Later that day though, and sometimes even days later, you will realize that you were hurt more severely in the accident than you originally thought. This is what’s called delayed onset of pain.

If you ignore delayed onset of pain, there’s a possibility your pain can become chronic, which means the pain will be long-lasting and sometimes permanent.

Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Back Pain

That’s why you should see a doctor as soon as you can after your auto accident injury. Whiplash, which damages the neck and the back, is likely after an auto accident. Other back injuries are as well. Your doctor may refer you to a specialist, such as a chiropractor.

Your chiropractor will recommend spinal decompression, adjustments, or manipulations to treat your back pain. These chiropractic techniques can correct posture, improper curvature, and misalignments and protrusions in the spine.

During each appointment, your chiropractor will use their hands or a special chiropractic table to treat pinched nerves and excess spinal pressure. Within a few appointments, you should notice a significant reduction in your pain levels.

About Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers

If you’ve been in an auto accident injury, you’ve come to the right place at Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers. We’re a chiropractic center that serves those in Westminster, Lakewood, and Aurora.

We specialize in treating auto accident pain, including injuries like whiplash and neck and back pain. Our other services are rehabilitative stretches and exercises, massage therapy, and digital motion x-rays for diagnostics.

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