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Treatments for Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and Fall Accident Treatment From Your Westminster, Lakewood, and Aurora Chiropractor

Slip and Falls

Accidents like auto accidents and slip and fall injuries can cause damage to the spine and joints that may worsen over time, causing increased pain, disability and reduce the ability to accomplish everyday tasks. Early chiropractic diagnosis and treatment of slip and fall injuries can minimize the damage that can occur from twisting movements or impacts to the body. Metro Denver Accident and Injury Center specializes in treating accident injuries with comprehensive diagnosis and individualized treatment to help you get back to your normal activities.

Common Slip and Fall Injuries

In some cases, a slip and fall injury may involve problems with flooring or obstructions that caused the accident. These incidents can result in an impact with the knee, hip, elbow or shoulder. In other cases, a wet floor can result in a fall backward, with an impact to the tailbone or spine. Muscles sprains and fractures are common in slip and fall accidents. Other injuries may involve twisting of the spine or whiplash-type movements of the head and neck. These injuries can cause pain that lasts well after the incident and may cause problems with mobility or range-of-motion that affects everyday life. Patients who have received conventional treatment are sometimes left with lingering pain that requires additional therapy. Your Colorado chiropractor can offer effective treatment of these problems.

Treatments for Slip and Fall Injuries

Metro Denver Accident & Injury Center has many years of experience treating accident injuries with a variety of treatment modalities. We can provide spinal adjustment to re-align vertebrae in the back, relieving pressure on discs and nerve endings. We can provide intensive treatment for neck injuries, with chiropractic adjustment, traction to relieve pressure on the spine, massage, corrective exercises, as well as physical therapy to increase flexibility and range of motion. Your doctor can design an individual treatment plan to reduce your pain and improve your physical function.

Contact Metro Denver Accident & Injury Center for Help with Slip and Fall Injuries

Dr. Christopher Higgins and Dr. Ron Losiewicz have dedicated their combined knowledge and experience to specialize in the treatment of accident injuries. With state-of-the-art treatments and a commitment to patient care, we can help relieve pain and restore normal function after a car crash or slip and fall accident. Call Metro Denver Accident & Injury Center today at 303-927-7027 in Aurora, 720-328-9033 in Lakewood or 303-457-4570 in Westminster for an appointment at one of their three facilities to discuss options for treatment of your slip and fall injury.