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Hip Pain Treatment

Chiropractic Care for Hip Pain in Aurora, Lakewood, and Westminster

Having pain in your hips can make walking, bending and doing other motions uncomfortable. This can have a negative effect on your day-to-day life by making it hard for you to be mobile and do your usual activities. At Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers in Westminster, Aurora, and Lakewood, we provide chiropractic care for hip pain.

man holding hip with who needs chiropractic treatment for hip pain

Causes of Hip Pain

Hip pain is associated with a number of possible causes. You might have pain in one or both hips if you have an underlying condition, such as arthritis. These conditions can cause inflammation that makes your hips sore and stiff. You can also develop hip pain if you have sciatica, which occurs when a bone spur, disc or other structure presses on your sciatic nerve. Pain in your hips can also happen when you are in a car crash and sustain soft tissue injuries.

Symptoms of Hip Pain

When you have hip pain, it might affect one hip or both of your hips. The pain you feel can be a throbbing, severe pain, or it can occur as a dull pain that occasionally gets worse. Pain in your hips might feel worse when you lean down or lean to one side, and you might also have a stiffness that affects your flexibility.

Treatment for Hip Pain from Our Chiropractic Doctor

Our chiropractic doctor can do spinal adjustments that can help ease the pain in your hips. Straightening your spine can relieve pressure on nerves that reach your hip joints, leading to relief from pain and stiffness. Whether you have been hurt in an auto accident or have an underlying condition, our doctor might recommend physical therapy or massage therapy as well. These treatments make your hip muscles stronger, reduce muscle tension and improve your flexibility.

Contact Our Chiropractor in Westminster for Pain Relief

If you have hip pain due to an underlying condition or a personal injury, please contact Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers by calling (303) 457-4570. Our chiropractor in Westminster, Aurora, or Lakewood can provide you with the care that eases this type of pain, along with back pain and pain in other joints.