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Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain Relief With Metro Denver Accident & Injury

The time after an auto accident can feel isolating. After all, you are on a recovery path that is your own, and even a minor accident can cause pain that is unexpected. At Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers we can help you recover from your auto accident injury with comprehensive care for your whole body. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, do not think this is your new "normal"; we can help you find your way back to good health and no pain. We serve patients in and around Westminister, Aurora, and Lakewood. 

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Shoulder Pain After an Auto Accident FAQs 

  • Why does my shoulder hurt after my accident even though it did not hurt at the time? Sometimes the injury occurs but does not present itself until the ligaments and joints in the area are moved a certain way, or after the swelling goes down and the pain from the other injuries is reduced. 
  • How can I recover to full mobility and zero pain? The first step to a full recovery is understanding the scope of the damage. Once our experienced chiropractors diagnose the exact location and extent of the damage, we can start a treatment plan that will lead to your best long-term prognosis. The treatment may range from physical therapy, to massage therapy, and to surgery in some cases. 
  • How can a chiropractor help after an auto accident? We do more than just treat a small area with the hope of reducing symptoms. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, we will find the cause and your treatment will be with the aim of healing the injury fully as well as any other problems your body as a whole is experiencing in relation to the issue. 

Contact Us to Begin Your Path to Complete Recovery

Contact us at Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers; we serve Westminister, Lakewood, Aurora and the surrounding areas with progressive whole body chiropractic care after an accident or other injuries. Don’t suffer through your shoulder pain a moment longer than you have to; call us today at our main office at 303-457-4570.