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Heal from Hip and Leg Pain after an Auto Accident

Heal from Hip and Leg Pain after an Auto Accident at Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers

The ramifications of an auto accident injury don't end when the crash is over, they don't end when the road is cleaned, and they don't end when you are released from medical care. Anyone who has been in an accident knows that the results can be far-reaching both mentally and physically. Some wounds take a long time to heal, and if they don't heal correctly they can hurt indefinitely. This is where quality chiropractic care comes in. If you are experiencing hip and leg pain after your accident, we can help you heal correctly at Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers. We take care of patients in Westminster, Lakewood, Aurora, and the surrounding areas. 

Treatment for these Common Hip and Leg Injuries 

  • Hip Dislocation - The traumatic dislocation of the hip is not uncommon during an auto accident, after your emergency care we can help you heal with physical therapy, hot-cold therapy, chiropractic massage, and noninvasive measures 
  • Bursitis - This inflammatory reaction is not uncommon after an injury. The pain and swelling may lead to less mobility. We can help ease the pain and increase mobility with a chiropractic massage and alignment to ease pressure and physical therapy.
  • Crush Injuries - An auto accident causes a painful breaking of bones and blood vessels. The healing process can be long and painful but our expert chiropractors can help every step of the way. 
  • Soft Tissue Injuries - Even if something is not actually broken or fractured, nerve damage can occur along with bruising and internal organ damage. If you are experiencing pain after your accident come in so we can help you find out why. 

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Call us at Metro Denver Accident & Injury Centers to visit an expert chiropractor for treatment. We can help you start down your path to a pain-free full recovery. Call today at 303-457-4570; we serve Westminster and the surrounding areas.